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Happy Tau Day(?!)

Given that you are a die hard Beta Fan, you read my post about Pi Day last year.  The recently published Tau Manifesto argues that Tau, which is equal to …

Beta Ed and Android

Sweet news!  The online materials seem to be working pretty smoothly on Android (2.2 and above).  Our systems are not optimized for Android, so that an internet connection is pretty …

The Statistician in me: Roy Halladay and Don Larsen

Such a little gem from Roy Halladay no-hitting the Reds yesterday in game 1 of the NLDS!!  Tim Kurkjian, on ESPN calls the feat monumental for its rarity, providing the …

Website Tools Update

I am excited to report that most bugs should have been worked through.  The last remaining piece is the “Test” Section, which according to IT, should be operational in the …


As of this morning, we are aware of the difficulties with registering for CIMA and CAIA classes. Our tech department is addressing the issue and it should be resolved shortly. …

Website Upgrade!

Current members will be upgraded to the new-and-improved version of their classes throughout the day. You still have access to your old files by going to: I thank you …

Happy Pi Day (3.14159265…)

A happy pi day to all!  Did you know… Pi is defined as the ratio of the Circumference to the Diameter of a circle Pi is the first letter of …

XBOX 360

Google Analytics is reporting that a client accessed our webpage using an XBOX 360. Not sure this is blog worthy, but that is super sweet!! Buddy #1: “Shall we Call …

Angoff Method to determining passing grades

Given the delays over Qualification Exam results, I thought I would provide some information regarding the Angoff Method that IMCA is using to determine the pass rate. (1) Rationale Exams …

CAIA(R) Prep Program

Pending evaluation by CAIA (, we will become an official CAIA(R) Prep Program for the September 2010 Seating! – Live Two-Day Class – Study Guide – Practice Questions – Mock …


Welcome to my new Blog! I intend on posting all new information about designations and services here.
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