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No Disclosure?? The Gamblers Fallacy

One of my favorite places to observe behavioral finance is actually on the casino floor.  Three well-documented heuristics that can be observed both in investing and gambling are: anchoring, framing, …

Is The US Treasury Still The Risk Free Asset?

Introduction In many sessions, I introduce the notion of a “risk-free asset”.  When I bring up the US Treasury Bill, I expect a lot of eyes to roll.  After all, …

On the Game of Thrones and Political Risk

I have asked the following question dozens of times in sessions: “What are the risks involved in international investing?” After getting over the insult of being asked such a straightforward …

On the components of credit spreads and their importance

Nice article on CFA Institute Blog about components of credit spread and their importance.

Active Share: In Support of Active Management

Abstract Active Share is a new concept that has the potential to be gigantic for the support of active management over passive investing. Let me rephrase that. Active Share is …

Happy Pi Day

Given that Pi Day is a momentous day in the year, I recycle an oldie… A happy pi day to all!  Did you know… Pi is defined as the ratio …

Prudent Man vs. Prudent Investor

Pretty quick and snappy detail:

The Supremacy of Farenheit

One of my European friends posted the following on Facebook, mocking our American way of life.  Ha ha.  Good one.  That being said, it is almost perfectly accurate.  I hope …

On Home-Field Advantage In Football

Freakonomics Blog Posting on Home Field Advantage..  Where is the explanatory power?  Crowd familiarity? Home-cooked meals? No Travel?  No, the refs!

Early Registration for the CAIA Exam Ends Soon

You heard me. If you plan on registering for the March 2012 exam, you are about to miss out on saving $100 — early registration closes Monday, November 14. …

On Baseball Series: 5 Games or 7 Games?

I have not always been a baseball fan.  It took me a while to appreciate the fact that there are a lot of strategic moments in between periods of watching …

CAIA Exam Registration Opens October 3, 2011

It’s that time again. Registration for the March 2012 CAIA examinations opens Monday, October 3. March 2012 Schedule from CAIA’s site: Level I Exam Session: March 8 – March 21, …

What is the point of this blog anyway?

One of my first tasks as Education Coordinator is to get everyone talking and using this blog. This got me thinking about the best ways to use social media to …

Beta Education Welcomes a new Education Coordinator

As the newest member of the Beta Education team, I am happy to introduce myself as the Education Coordinator. My name is Heather Barto and I am here to help with …

Discrimination In Sports and R2

I have always been fascinated by the topic of referee/umpire discrimination in sports.  In early 2009, I came across a working paper by Parsons et al, “Strike Three: Umpires’ Demand …
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