One of my first tasks as Education Coordinator is to get everyone talking and using this blog. This got me thinking about the best ways to use social media to connect
learners from all over the globe that are interested in these classes and their
content. Why just keep all the fun and learning to class? How can you interact
outside of class and begin a dialogue that everyone can benefit from? Maybe
this is the easiest question you get to answer after all those practice
questions….this blog! You are probably checking your phones constantly anyway,
so why not visit Beta Education’s blog for the latest morsel of information?
How many people ask you what you are truly interested in?

Beta’s classes and your personal pages cover exam materials and other very important stuff, but what else do would make preparing for and taking your exams easier?
What questions do you need answered? Fears? Success stories? Do you just need
exam date reminders? Study tips? Music suggestions that help you study? I want
this blog to serve as an extension of class and Pierre’s sparkling wit. We want
to write about what you want to know but might not have the chance to ask in
class. Please take a minute to respond in the blog, on Facebook or even on
Twitter and start a dialogue about what you would like to know.

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